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A former travel writer with fond memories of solo adventures in Southeast Asia, Arman is now founder and editor of The Everyday People.

If you ever see him approaching with a camera and voice recorder in hand, please choose kindness and don’t decline his request for an interview.

Protected: Raymond Lim: Overcoming Gambling Addiction to Be a Better Husband, Father and Businessman

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

58 Best Co-Working Spaces in Singapore

Own an independent business or startup? Here’s the list of the best co-working spaces in Singapore that you can check out.

Singapore Theatre Review: “Tender Submission” by Lucas Ho

Online Editor Arman Shah pens his thoughts on “Tender Submission”, the latest play that’s proudly staged by Checkpoint Theatre.

Playwright Lucas Ho Has a Deeper Conversation with Arman Shah

In episode 01 of our brand new podcast “Deeper Conversation with Arman Shah”, Lucas Ho talks about his latest play “Tender Submission” that’s presented by Checkpoint Theatre.

Benjamin Tan: Moulding the Future Generation of Cybersecurity Specialists in Singapore

“Developing cybersecurity habits over a period of time is like knowing that you should wash your hands after you use the washroom, or wearing a mask in public if you are not feeling well.  We cannot stop the digital revolution, but everyone has a part to play in cybersecurity.”

How to Enjoy the Best Co-Working Spaces in Singapore for $10/day 

Calling all bootstrapping entrepreneurs and freelancers. Money doesn’t grow from trees, but that’s okay with a co-working app like WorkBuddy.

Siti Khalijah: How a Shy Girl From ITE Found Her Passion and Calling in Acting and Theatre

“Being a part of the musical felt amazing, because as ITE students, we were already looked at as the black sheep of society. So there was this genuine sense of unity; this sense of brotherhood and sisterhood. Everyone in the production really looked out for one another.”

Ng Chih Chung: From Prison to Pedals, a Journey of Redemption and Resilience

“Whenever I hear how challenging it is for ex-offenders like myself to secure jobs, I am reminded of how  fortunate I have been. My only hope is that society will be more widely accepting of ex-offenders starting afresh.”

Niranjan Pandian: Music Offers Solace to Gifted Musician Who Suffers from Painful Skin Condition

“Everyone was born for a reason, and mine is to help the next generation discover themselves through music. Identity is the safeguard against low self-esteem, and everything I’m doing now is to help the youths find their voice.”

21 Best Hotels, Resorts and Villas in Sentosa

Whether you’re planning a staycation or travelling to Singapore for a holiday, an amazing time awaits at these hotels and resorts in Sentosa.

Kassim Ibrahim: Hotelier by Day, Lead Vocalist of a Metal Band by Night 

It’s very important to have interests outside of work because, ultimately, what are you doing if you don’t have a passion? Whether it’s baking, collecting stamps or dancing, it’s good to be passionate about something that makes you feel alive.”

Emily Yap: Nurse in Singapore Founded Dunearn Youth to Serve the Elderly and Vulnerable Families

“I believe anyone can be a changemaker. We can each play a part in citizen philanthropy and help the vulnerable in our community. Do all the good you can, because even the smallest act of kindness may mean the world to someone else.”

50 Best Halal Cafés, Bakeries, Dessert Spots and More in Arab Street

Undecided where to dine during your next visit to the iconic district of Singapore’s Arab Street? We’ve compiled a list of the best halal options for you.

Michael Raimondo: Filmmaker from South Africa Visits Singapore to Tell Beautiful Stories of Humanity

“I get to ask strangers about the meaning of life – why we are here, what is our purpose, and how we find enlightenment – and that’s profoundly changed how I live and the way I see the world. I’m constantly humbled by the wisdom and humility of ordinary people.”

40 Best Places to Do Yoga in Singapore

We narrow down some of the best yoga studios in Singapore to balance your mind, body and soul.

Bruce Yu Lepeng: Teen From Singapore Raised $83,000 After Inspired by Ukrainian Refugee’s Heartbreaking Story

“When you personally see how hard it is for displaced refugees to find their footing and survive, what more to earn a living, you tend to appreciate your life more. You instantly feel a need to help in whatever way you can.”

Kumar Jayakrishnan: A Soaring Career as an Indoor Skydiving Instructor at iFly Singapore

Humans of Sentosa | “That’s the great thing about iFly Singapore. It’s for anyone who wants to do anything extreme yet safe. And if you were planning to skydive, this is a good training ground. If you can fly in a 16-feet wind tunnel surrounded by glass walls, the sky is nothing.”

Singapore Spa Review: Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massage & Spa

Arman Shah gets off his home office chair to experience the traditional Thai massage and onsen therapy at Saabai Saabai in Wisma Atria.

Maha Lakshmi: Bullied as a Kid for Having Curly Hair, Beauty Queen Learns to Love and Accept Herself

“I despised my hair when I was a kid because I was bullied excessively for having curly hair. In primary school, kids would throw staple bullets and pour eraser shavings into my hair. At that age when you’re so young and just want to be accepted, it was so hard to fit in.”

Cai Ting: 17-Year-Old Fights for Gender Equality in STEM

“I would always get judgemental stares from my male counterparts. I’ve even experienced ‘mansplaining’ by boys who were convinced that I wasn’t as good as them. They’d make snide comments like, ‘You sure you know this? You don’t look like you understand.’”