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From shy ITE student to stage actor

Siti Khalijah

“Being a part of the musical felt amazing, because as ITE students, we were already looked at as the black sheep of society. So there was this genuine sense of unity; this sense of brotherhood and sisterhood. Everyone in the production really looked out for one another.”


Our thoughts on the latest play by Checkpoint Theatre

Tender Submission

“What happens when two people find themselves drifting apart, and the space that once held affection and familiarity, now feels more like a void between strangers? This plausible reality is the crux in which playwright Lucas Ho sinks his teeth in Tender Submission.”


Lucas Ho talks about his life as a playwright

Aspire to Inspire

Stories of the self-made entrepreneur


From receiving death threats after leaving a scam company to becoming the CEO of his own marketing business.


Bullied as a kid for having curly hair, beauty queen talks about dealing with alopecia and celebrating textured hair.


The foster parent on imparting positive values to her kids through her business of making artisanal butter.

Matt and Nikh

From SEGA to VALORANT; two Singaporeans turned a gaming passion into a thriving e-sports startup.

Overcoming Adversity

Stories of mental health and resilience


The boxer talks about the pain of losing family and leaning on combat sports as a coping mechanism.


The actor opens up about his mental health struggles and figuring out the emotional hollowness in his heart.


Not interested in portraying a picture-perfect life, the mother, wife and business owner talks about juggling it all.


Music and family help gifted musician live life purposefully despite living with a painful skin condition.

Power of Youth

Inspiring Gen Z stories


Youth environmentalist in Singapore helps save the Earth one recycled toilet roll at a time.


Student helped raised $83k because he was inspired by Ukrainian refugee's heartbreaking story.


Registered nurse founded Dunearn Youth to help serve the elderly and vulnerable families in Singapore.

Things to do in Singapore

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Singapore in Pictures

Original essays and documentary photography