20 Stunning Cafés in Singapore Worthy of Your Instagram Feed

These days, cafés seem to be sprouting up in sunny Singapore faster than wild mushrooms. Here, we give you the lowdown on the most IG-worthy spots so that you don’t have to hunt them down. You’re welcome!

1. Ash & Char

Ash & Char has given the 70s Art Deco style a sleek and modern update. Its open-concept bar boasts a black, brown and gold palate, while its main dining area comes with marble table tops and a lovely feature wall coloured white and teal. We also love the floor-to-ceiling window that ensures you get all the natural light you need for the best pictures.

  • Photos by Ash & Char
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2. Badoque

Badoque on Upper Thomson Road has a fun retro-industrial vibe, thanks to its cement screed walls that contrast nicely against its lime-green and chilli-red chairs. We love the hanging lightbulbs and suspended shelves holding rows of colourful bottled drinks. If you’ve been here, you’ll also know of its hilarious menu; the way it’s been worded will get your IG followers giggling too.

  • Photos by Blueprint Associates
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3. Brawn & Brains

Despite its minimalist interior, Brawn & Brains boasts two things that many other cafés in Singapore lack – space and a long glass wall. Its scandi-industrial interior has a bright and airy feel that’s accentuated by giant potted plants, and we especially love their coffee roasting machine – very steampunk!

  • Photos by Brawn & Brains
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4. Brunches Café

From the mismatched seats to shelves of vintage phones and radios, every corner of Brunches Café is a winning IG picture waiting to happen. Here, you will find a wall that’s fitted with an old-fashioned grill gate and adorned with old posters and other memorabilia. It even houses a mini cooper that’s been converted into a booth seat.

  • Photos by Brunches Café
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5. Birds of Paradise

A relatively new addition to the picturesque Katong neighbourhood, Birds of Paradise serves up beautiful spheres of icy pastel goodness in cones or pretty recycled paper bowls. The are no tables and chairs here, but that doesn’t stop patrons from taking pictures of their sweet treats with the unmissable wall depicting a colourful rainforest scene.

  • Photos by Birds of Paradise
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6. Central Perk

Central Perk needs no introduction. Themed around hit TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S, it draws a healthy crowd of fans vying for a picture on the iconic burnt sienna couch. A lot of effort was invested into making this space look lived-in and identical to the set, as you can tell from the eclectic mix of furniture and carpets that gives the café its overall hippie look.

  • Photos by Central Perk
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7. The Coastal Settlement

Tucked away in the eastern corner of Singapore, The Coastal Settlement is a beautifully updated colonial bungalow with large indoor and outdoor seating areas. While the alfresco area has lots of greenery and low hanging plants, the interior is an eclectic mix of old-fashioned furniture, collectible vintage cars and antique memorabilia. We especially love the Vespas on display.

  • Photos by The Coastal Settlement
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8. FIX

FIX is a great chill-out spot that’s set right by the clubhouse’s poolside. While its interior boasts an industrial vibe that’s both chic and playful, the alfresco area boasts a breezy deck with rustic decor and fairy lights. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for vintage motorbikes, ceiling lights made from bicycle wheels, and a wall decorated with cooking tools and vehicle number plates.

  • Photos by FIX
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9. Group Therapy

Compared to their branch along East Coast Road, the older outlet in Duxton has a better set-up for selfies with your artisanal flat white. Housed within a shophouse with tall and panelled windows, Group Therapy has a rather unmissable nostalgic feel. Try to get a seat in front of the shelves lined with knick-knacks for a pretty backdrop.

  • Photos by Group Therapy
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10. Icebox

Cool wall art is a must-have for any IG-worthy café, and that’s exactly what we love about Icebox.  They have a faux chalkboard wall that’s covered with eye-popping typography, and even a cool reddish couch that comes complete with chesterfield-style buttons. You can lounge on it while pondering about how they managed to incorporate a suspended bicycle into their decor.

  • Photos by Icebox
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11. Jubilee Coffee House & Bar

A wave of nostalgia will wash over you from the moment you enter this converted bungalow. Jubilee will make you feel like you’ve travelled back in time. From the power blue and white vintage Volkswagen beetle at the front, to the walls lined with vintage art and furniture from the good old 70s, this place is bursting with old-school charm. 

  • Photos by Jubilee Coffee House & Bar
  • For more information click here
12. The Lab

Known also as The Experimental Café, The Lab incorporates a fair amount of bell jars, glass bottles, scales and other lab equipment into their interesting decor. Available drinks are dubbed experiments and suspended above the rustic counter area. A copper pipe sculpture and other pieces of industrial-inspired furniture help give this café a steampunk vibe. 

  • Photos by The Lab
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13. The Muffinry

Occupying a quaint two-storey shophouse along Telok Ayer, The Muffinry has a simple yet charming interior. There are plenty of photogenic elements, such as a white brick wall on the first floor, and an elegant garden furniture on the upper level. You will also find a growing collection of hanging test tubes, which are actually customers’ loyalty cards.

  • Photos by The Muffinry
  • For more information click here
14. My Awesome Café

Who would have thought that a traditional Chinese clinic would make a great space for a hipster café? The visionaries at My Awesome Café gutted the interior, but kept the façade unchanged – creating an interesting visual of old shophouse juxtaposed with industrial-styled furniture. The interior looks almost magical with dozens of lights suspended from its ceiling.

  • Photos by My Awesome Café
  • For more information click here
15. Noshery

Nestled in lush greenery, Noshery looks like it was ripped out of a high-end design and architecture magazine. This place will make you feel like you’ve just escaped the city and tumbled into a resort paradise. Our top pick for the most IG-worthy spot is the indoor seating area where you will find rattan chairs and walls covered in banana leaf-printed wallpaper.

  • Photos by Noshery
  • For more information click here
16. Old Habits

Typewriters, vintage posters and sewing machine tables – these are just some of the classic finds in this blast from the past. While the Old Habits interior is busy with all kinds of artefacts, appliances and furniture from yesteryear, it isn’t overwhelming. The deluge of memorabilia is nicely offset by the relatively plain tables and chairs, and there are plenty of those even on crowded days.

  • Photos by Old Habits
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17. Nickeldime Drafthouse

When you walk into Nickeldime @ Spathe Public House, there’s no escaping the romantic atmosphere that’s created by the hanging lights and European flair subtly conveyed by the décor. The weathered brick wall and chesterfield-inspired maroon couches give this bohemian space a sophisticated touch, and we love the long counter where breads, crockery and drinks are laid.

  • Photos by Nickledime Draft House
  • For more information click here
18. Three Buns

A stand-out amidst all the vintage and industrial cafés in Singapore, Three Buns @ Potato Head Folk is a whimsical café with bright white walls covered in hand-painted murals of birds and butterflies. The ceiling is adorned with rows of bunting and even has a figure of a little boy playing with a hoop. The space is given a nice pop of colour with red-framed windows.

  • Photos by Three Buns
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19. Wheeler’s Yard

Sure it’s a tad inaccessible, but you wouldn’t stumble upon a location like this next to an MRT station. Situated inside a warehouse with super-high ceilings, Wheeler’s Yard used to be a dilapidated wood workshop, as you can tell from the raw and minimalist decor it inherited. Besides food, you can also snap away at the colourful collection of bicycles here.

  • Photos by Wheeler’s Yard
  • For more information click here
20. Working Title

The Working Title interior has two distinct styles. When you walk in, you will find a cosy room with wooden tables, mismatched chairs and some artwork on the walls. Take a quick walk around the counter and you will find an eclectic area with couches and sunlight streaming in. It’s easy to feel at home here, and there are ample seats to lounge on while updating your IG feed.

  • Photos by Working Title
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