Aidil: A year after we got married, we discovered that my wife was pregnant with our first child. We were so happy; but, two months into her pregnancy, she had a miscarriage.

Ida: They say time heals all wounds, and I really took time to recover from that. It really felt like the end of the world to me. I was still a nurse then, and when I went back to work, I started to cry whenever my friends asked me about it. They consoled me and said don’t worry, I will have a kid when the time’s right.

Aidil: A few months after the miscarriage, she had another surprise for me. I’m a police officer and I do the night shift sometimes, so I’ll sleep in the morning when I come home from work. When I woke up one afternoon, she looked at me very happily and told me she was very hungry. I was still sleepy and in a blur, so I wondered what was wrong with her.

Ida: I dropped so many hints! We have a small whiteboard in our room which we call our conversation board, and I wrote “You’re going to be a daddy soon!” on it, but he didn’t notice it. I even left the results of the pregnancy test in his wardrobe, but he didn’t notice that too. In the end, I just told him that I was pregnant. (laughs)

Aidil: I was very happy of course, and I was right there with her during the delivery, giving her encouragement. When the baby eventually slid out, I was in shock for a whole minute. I didn’t even want to carry him when the doctor passed him to me; I just stared at him. Is this really my baby? To be honest, I’m still in disbelief today. (laughs)

Ida: How has life changed? Life is very different now. I had no commitments before, but now I have a 7-month-old baby and I have to feed him and change his diapers everyday. (laughs)

Aidil: Any advice? Well, to others who are trying to have a baby, don’t give up. I believe there’s a reason behind why things happen or don’t happen. Maybe having a baby at a particular point of your life might give you problems, so you were supposed to settle some things first. Just don’t stress too much about it, keep the faith and pray.