“I’m here for a family wedding today, and I decided to go for a glam look. My outfit is a soft peach colour, so I went for make-up that’s a bit bolder.

I’ve been a makeup artist with MAC Cosmetics for four years now, and this is the kind of advanced makeup that is expected of us daily at work. I had to change my habit of applying standard makeup for my usual everyday look, but I’m quite used to it now, so this look took me about 20 minutes.

I first became interested in makeup about eight to nine years ago. I was still young and wasn’t working then, so I had to use my mother’s money to buy cosmetics. I would practise applying makeup on myself at home of course.

Inspiration usually came from magazines or the Internet, and if there was a new makeup trend, I would try it on myself or even on my friends’ faces. I would then post the pictures online and use Facebook to market my services.

After taking up some courses to improve my skills and artistry, I got a job as a makeup artist at MAC. It was quite challenging. Because we are trained by professionals, I can tell that my skills are not as advanced as theirs. I’m still not up there yet, but I’m inspired and learning to be better every day.” – Amy, 28