“I’m juggling a couple of things at the moment. I’m a financial planner by day, student by night and I also sing for passion. I’m part of an R&B group and we just released our EP called “Most Faithful”.

I’m a very realistic person; I’m aware that the arts is not something that can sustain you in Singapore. You just saw the news – we’ve been bumped up to number one again on the list of most expensive cities in the world.

But, I always go back to what Steve Jobs said, “Do what you love or love what you do”. I love what I do, but I’m also thankful that I get to do what I love on the side as well – it’s a combination of both.

What people have to understand is that we all have one life, so go live it. Are we just going to slog our entire lives doing something we don’t want to do, or are we going to slog, get the money but also have time to do what we want to do as well? There are so many different options  available to us, so don’t say no to passion.” – Angel, 24