“I started cosplaying because I’ve always loved comics and I really like making stuff, so cosplay is a perfect mash of the two.

When I was a kid, I had brothers and boy cousins who were really into that whole superhero universe, so naturally I liked it too. But I think my interest peaked when I was still with my ex-boyfriend. He was really into his comics, and my interest just sort of grew from there.

Making this costume was really quick. I came from a fashion school, so getting all the materials and sewing everything together took maybe a week? It was mostly self-taught through watching videos online. YouTube! YouTube’s your best friend.

Why Wonder Woman? Because of Gail Simone. I used to not like the character because she felt a bit outdated, but the way Gail wrote Diana is a lot more dynamic. She’s not just this goody two-shoes or this strong and empowered woman. Gail made her a lot more complex, and I think I really gravitated towards that.” – Anis, 24

This picture was taken at STGCC 2016