“I’m getting married in a few weeks. It was supposed to be a simple and hassle-free solemnisation, but now it’s turned into this elaborate wedding.

How did that happen? Well, my fiancé got excited when I said I was putting in money for our house renovation. Because of that, he can stretch his budget, so he announces that we’re having a wedding. That was a month ago, on the day we were supposed to have our solemnisation, so you can imagine how crazy the planning has been.

It’s been chaotic because I want to make sure everyone is happy. My husband is a Muslim-born Malayali, while I’m Singh of mixed heritage. My dad’s Punjabi, and my mom is Malay with Indian and Thai blood, so it’s all ‘rojak’. We’re going to have all racial groups at the wedding, so it’s stressful catering to everybody.

I’m looking forward to the wedding cake though. Since young, I’ve always told myself that if I’m going to have an elaborate wedding, the cake is going to be very important. Mine will be a seven-tier cake which is about a metre tall, and I’m going to have it rolled in for full dramatic effect. (laughs)

How did I meet my fiancé? I knew Umar through a dating site called Tagged. I met him at a time when I didn’t believe in love anymore. I guess I was just disappointed too many times. For most men, it’s not about whether they love someone, but about whether that person complements them or not. It’s fine if the person isn’t materialistic, but who isn’t these days?

There are also guys who give you everything but don’t let you do anything. You’re under his control you can’t go out, can’t meet your friends. I didn’t want any of this; I wanted to be my own independent woman. Umar gives me his blessing to do anything I want. To find someone who really trusts you and supports you in all that you do is tough; that’s why I’m with him.” – Balqish, 29