Word on the Street: Dipak

“I just completed my education in the United States and I’m currently seeking employment in Singapore. I was studying at the University of Massachusetts for three years before working two jobs the following year. I came back about three months ago due to visa requirements.

My long term goal is to stay in Singapore, but I didn’t want to come back with only one year of working experience. That puts me in a difficult situation to compete with people over here, so I intend to go back to Boston to do my Masters and get a wealth of experience.

Not having your family around you in the States can be daunting, but it also strengthens you as an individual. It gives you a little bit of independence that you don’t have over here – you pay your own bill, you pay your own rent, you settle your own plumbing issues, and when it snows, you shovel it yourself.

I also went to a state school, so you can infer the kind of people that went there. Straight after school, they rush to their second or third job because they’re haemorrhaging for cash. I was actually inspired to work while I was there because of that.

I did miss my family and friends while I was away. I missed my country too. I missed the food, the culture and how things work here. To be honest, there were many aspects of Boston that felt like home. There was a river running through the city, and that reminded me of the Kallang River.

There were always pros and cons being in the States, and coming back here, the pros and cons were simply reversed; but, I never once considered settling anywhere else other than here. Whether that changes or not is another matter altogether.” – Dipak, 26


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  1. This is awesome man -Charles

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