“Two weeks before I completed National Service, I was really uncertain about what I was going to do with my future. I studied graphic design in school, but I was scared that I wasn’t going to make it as a designer outside. I thought that I should maybe pick up a new skill set and try something different.

That’s when my friend Taufiq approached with an opportunity to work at DeepCuts. I’ve been a permanent part-time barber with them since February this year, and the working culture has been good for me.

Everyone here isn’t trying to be something they’re not. They’re just doing what they love and trying to stay grounded with the community that they serve.

Right now, I design on a freelance basis mostly because I’m helping out my girlfriend who’s a graphic designer, but I see myself becoming a full-time barber in the future.

I think you shouldn’t be afraid to try something completely new. It may be a little restrictive here in Singapore in terms of finances, and that’s what we most often care about; but, if you love what you do, the money wouldn’t matter that much. If you have support from your family and friends, why not?” – Faisal, 23