“I saw Tuscany in a travel documentary on TV when I was still in secondary school, way before the time of the Internet and social media. I was amazed at how beautiful the place was, and I told myself that I’ll take my future wife there some day.

I’m already married now, and February 2017 marks our 10th-year anniversary, although we’ve been together since I was 21; I pretty much spent all of my adult life with her.

My wife and I started a business together years ago, but due to money issues, we can’t afford to travel to anywhere nearby now, much less a trip to Europe. Life gets in the way, too. I probably need to start a travel fund or something.

When you go into a business, you need to believe that the business will work. It was her birthday recently, and I surprised her with a nice bracelet from The Mindful Company that had the word ‘Believe’ engraved on it. She’s sceptical of her own skills and what she can offer the world, so I need her to believe in herself more and help push our business in a better direction.

The ultimate aim is to be nomads and work on our business while travelling the world together. I also love soccer and being around children, so setting up a soccer academy somewhere in the world for underprivileged children would be a dream. Tuscany? Well, it’s just a place on the map right now, but hopefully I’ll get there someday, somehow.” – Irwan, 35