“I work for the Housing Development Board (HDB), and my job is mostly concerned with contract payments and handling management reports for contractors who are doing upgrading works for flats.

I’m also part of the HDB Staff Union, and today I get to be on Union Leave so that I can volunteer at the Canossaville Children’s Home.

You would usually find me at work every year during the National Day season, but I’m glad to be here instead today. My task was to help the kids with kite decorations, and I can tell that some of them are very creative.

I prepared images for them to reference, but some of them thought out of the box and came up with something very different.

This isn’t the first community project that I was involved in with Young NTUC U Heart. Earlier this month, I was part of another charity event called “Bringing Cheer @ Bendemeer”.

Together with friends from HDB, we helped to clean up rental flats because some families are incapable of cleaning their own houses.

We also distributed hampers containing basic necessities like rice and biscuits that were sponsored by City Developments Limited.

My job was to actually go around the individual units and collect well wishes from residents for National Day. Some of them had trouble writing, so I helped them with their messages.” – Jia Jia, 25