“A personal experience – I’d rather not go into detail – made me realise the importance of having a sound and adequate protection portfolio. That moment got me thinking about how many people here are actually underinsured.

I’m a financial advisor, and I serve people’s financial needs and empower them to reach their financial goals. I like my job a lot because it’s not mundane; I’m always on the move and every day I get to gain new experiences when I meet new people or even reconnect with old friends.

This job also gives me flexible working hours and the ability to write my own paycheck through my own hard work. If you’re in this only for the money, you can get easily demotivated and quit when times are bad. If you go into it with a bigger picture in mind, you can work towards that goal.

My personal goal? I would love to have my own team in the future and together spread more awareness about the different financial situations that people can find themselves in here in Singapore. Just because you don’t see certain things does not mean that they don’t happen.” – Jin Hong, 29