“I got into cosplay about 10 years ago. I’m actually quite introverted when I’m myself, but you get bolder when you’re embodying another character and no one recognises you.

I’m cosplaying Abby from Ghostbusters today. After it was announced that the Ghostbusters movie would feature an all-female cast, I kinda felt represented. The characters come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s empowering.

Finally, I don’t have to be the female version of a male character from the 80s, and little girls who come to the conventions get to see that they don’t have to be restricted to princesses or sexy catsuit superheroes.

My costume? I made most of it myself. The proton pack is made of recycled materials you can find around the house like cardboard boxes, cereal boxes and bottle caps. The faraday cage is actually a vegetable strainer.

I got Melissa McCarthy to autograph the proton pack when she and Paul Feig came down to Singapore for the Ghostbuster red carpet event last June. They set the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as ghosts, but I went in my Ghostbuster outfit instead.” – Jo, 33

This picture was taken at STGCC 2016