“I was introduced to the world of streetwear and fashion about ten years ago when I was still in secondary school. At the time, the Internet was just taking shape, and there were forums for people who were really interested in streetwear brands like A Bathing Ape from Japan.

Back then, it was quite hard to find such brands in Singapore. If you managed to get stuff online through a proxy service, chances are no one else will have them. As a kid who was trying to find his identity, it felt as though owning these items helped set me apart from everyone else.

When I went to uni, I decided to set up my own fashion brand. I studied business, but I was always interested in looking at pictures and following streetwear trends that I liked. That was how The Weekend Warrior came about; I started my own accessories brand back in 2013.

I didn’t have the technical skills, but I was very interested in making things. To keep things simple, I didn’t outsource any aspect of the business to anyone. I bought the materials and spent a lot of time not only figuring out how to do things, but also how to do things perfectly. I made and sold everything myself.

Looking back, it was definitely a start, but there are still things I want to do. Currently, I’m working with the Founder of CHPLCO to launch a collaborative line called Few and Far Between. We’ll be selling vintage items that are really hard to find.

I’ve also just left my full-time job doing marketing. I will probably look for another full-time job while pursuing my interest in fashion on the side, but my perspective has changed a little.

Like everyone else, I used to think that climbing the corporate ladder is of paramount importance, but my goals have changed as I grow older. You can spend your life at a job that can get you rich later, but you’ll essentially lose out on your youth which you will never get back. That’s putting things into perspective.” – Keefe, 26