“When I was looking at a bunch of courses to join after secondary school, something about the course in Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design spoke out to me. I applied via the Direct Poly Admission Exercise and secured a spot at Nanyang Poly even before I took my O-Level exams.

The course embodied everything I never knew I wanted. The lecturers are all from the industry, so they completely understand what it’s like and equipped us with everything we needed to know.

It’s also a lot of fun. My friends and I are just a bunch of creative rebels who get to be experimental and do all kinds of projects related to print, film, advertising, broadcast – you name it.

Our final-year project is to actually create graphics that would enhance the performances during this year’s National Day Parade.

We are working on two of five acts for the show while the other three are handled by industry experts, so it’s a big challenge to meet their standards and create a show that looks seamless.

My team has been amazing. We’ve been working till really late hours and coming back over the weekend for the past few months, but it doesn’t matter because the ultimate goal is to create a good show.

Come this Tuesday, we’ll get to watch what we’ve been working on with 5 million other people and share this amazing experience with them. That’s really wonderful, and I feel blessed to be given this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” – Kristine, 19