I’ve been with the Housing Development Board (HDB) for three years now, and the kids at Canossaville have seen us a few times already. The children’s home is actually our adopted charity, and we’d come down here every month to do housekeeping.

HDB employees are under the HDB Staff Union, which is an affiliate of the National Trade Union Congress (NTUC), and the union would contact our management to apply for time off so that we can do volunteer work.

Today’s activity is actually organised by Young NTUC U Heart, and we came down to spread some festive joy this National Day season. Through fun games and activities like making kites, we want the kids to have a much deeper understanding of Singapore and share with them the efforts that the country has made in terms of recycling.

We also want to help them build team spirit and encourage one another, and that’s kind of similar to what I do with HDB. Right now, we are trying to build connections between the people and the community.

For every new Build-To-Order (BTO) flat that has been set up, we would engage the grass root leaders – they’re the Residents’ Committee and my HDB branch colleagues – to create a platform where all the news residents of the BTO can come down to mingle and make new friends.

Otherwise, they would just interact on our Facebook group to discuss housing issues. We want to create the “Kampung” Spirit and look for community champions and the “Kampung” Chief amongst them.” – Leon, 33