Word on the Street: Luthfil

“I signed on as a regular with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) sometime in October last year, nearing the end of my training at Officer Cadet School.

The average person would probably not want to sign up for military life because it’s all very strict and regimental, but I did because I want to change the mindset of those who just enlisted for National Service (NS).

Some – not all, but some – just want to scrape through two years of NS and then continue with their lives outside. I just want to let them know that the army really isn’t that bad.

It grooms your attitude towards problems you will face in life and turns you into a better person, rather than just a better worker. The army basically prepares you for the next phase in life.

I’ll be part of the Colours Party during this National Day Parade (NDP). I’ll be carrying the purple flag which represents my unit, the 6th Battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment.

Rehearsals have been from 9 to 6 every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and so far it’s been really tiring – the flag is very heavy to be honest. The weight of the flag reflects just how heavy the responsibilities of commanders are.

Still, the journey to NDP has been a true showcase of our camaraderie. The NDP isn’t just about marching. It’s a reminder that no matter which unit you’re from, all of us are working together to protect our loved ones, and marching together bearing different coloured flags symbolises that.” – Luthfil, 22


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  1. Thank you for your service, buddy. Semper Fi; Tough and Effective.

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