“My cosplay name is Rina Carissime, and I started cosplaying back in 2013. My passion started way back when I was still in secondary school actually, thanks to friends who appreciated Japanese pop culture.

I started off with anime characters at first. Back then, I didn’t have any plans to try westernise cosplays. It’s only now that my makeup’s of a decent standard that I’ve slowly built up the confidence to play Harley Quinn. She’s always been one of my favourite DC characters.

This costume goes up to maybe $150? Parts of it were store-bought and parts of it were self-modified. I have a sewing machine, so I’m slowly learning how to sew and make my own enhancements.

I also went through three different wigs before I settled on this one; it costs about $40. The makeup? It’s actually face paint that’s been mixed with liquid foundation, so it’s easier on the skin.

I’m here with my boyfriend Toshiro today. As you can see, he’s cosplaying the Joker. We met through somewhat of a cosplay gig back in 2014. It was for an M1 ad called “Alter Ego”, so we went through the fittings for that, started chatting, and that’s how we got together.

One time, he asked me what cosplay dreams I wanted to fulfil, so I randomly suggested Harley Quinn. I didn’t expect it to actually happen; therefore he’s my Joker today.” – Melina, 23

This picture was taken at STGCC 2016