I’m a really shy person, so when I went to my first anime convention in Singapore about three to four years ago, I was wondering where all these cosplayers got the confidence, money and time to do this as a hobby.

I wanted to cosplay too after that, but it took me about two years before I finally found the courage to try it. I was part of a team and mostly cosplayed minor anime characters at first, but I don’t think I have the looks or the personality to suit the cutesy anime stereotype to be honest.

It was only this year that I tried dressing up as a western superhero and I have to say I really do like it. Why Hawkgirl? She’s been my favourite character for a very long time; I guess I’m just attracted to characters with wings.

But more than that, she just feels very “me”. She may be a minor character which is how I feel sometimes  but she’s still an important member of the Justice League and has a strong personality that I want for myself.” – Nicole, 21

This picture was taken at STGCC 2016