“I did my Nitec in Nursing, and through my attachments at different hospitals, I enjoyed my journey as a nurse. I chose nursing initially as it is a sought-after skill, but when I started practising it, I realised what it truly takes to dedicate your life to caring for people.

It can be tough. Nurses go hours without rest, on their feet doing wonders and miracles each day.

After I graduated as a nurse in 2006, I applied to China Airlines and got the job. I’ve loved flying ever since. The passion I have for planes has led me to dedicating a huge part of life to this profession without second thoughts. It has been 10 years now as a cabin crew.

I had never sat on a plane until I got my job with China Airlines. I used to travel to the airport and watch the planes from afar. I love planes; the buttons, the switches, the panels. The world looks different from there, and I love having an office that has such a beautiful view each day.

I’m with SilkAir now and I’m settling into my new role as Senior cabin crew, but I hope to become a pilot one day. To fly that plane has been a dream.

Once, I did a flight where a kid looked up to the steward while I was next to him, and she asked her father if he was the pilot. The cockpit has always been male-dominated, but the growing number of female pilots recently gives me the motivation to achieve that dream.” – Sanjani, 29