“In Australia, most companies reopen only on the second or third week of January; so, I decided it was a good time for me to fly back home and spend time with family and friends, satisfy my food cravings, and stock up on all of my favourite things that I can’t find there.

I moved to Sydney on 20th October 2015, so it’s been a little over a year now. A combination of many things led to my decision to move. I was in a long-distance relationship – everyone should try that bugger at least once – so to remove the distance from the equation, I decided to look for work in Australia.

Looking back, it does sound and look absolutely crazy, but at the time, I loved him, I cared for him, and I’d fallen in love with his family. And you know what, people have done a lot more for a lot less. The unfortunate thing was that the relationship ended.

Unfortunately, I’m still one of the few remaining breeds of hopeless romantics, so of course my heart broke. But two weeks after we’d broken up, I got a job offer to do PR in Sydney. I took some time to think about it and eventually decided that I’d be a fool if I didn’t go, so I packed my bags and went.

I did have a moment of panic when I first moved, but I started feeling at ease once I’d made a good group of friends. Now, I’ve found a lovely home in the city and have properly settled in at work. I like to tell my friends that I went from doing fun PR in Singapore to doing serious PR in Australia.

Will I stay in Sydney for good? I’m not sure. Sydney’s like a second home now, and how many people get to call two places home? With that being said, I still value my upbringing and my culture, and I still want my nasi goreng and teh tarik. You can take the girl out of Singapore, but you can’t take Singapore out of the girl.” – Shazana, 29

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