“We wanted a very unconventional wedding with a practical way to cut down the guest list, so we decided to have it in Phuket. It turned out to be a great idea because we got to have the relatively small wedding that we wanted plus all the frills, yet paid less than we would’ve if we had it in Singapore.

Married life has been pretty smooth because my husband and I have been together for a very very long time, so there weren’t that many surprises when we finally tied the knot.

We were together for 14 years and decided to get married purely because our BTO was almost ready. It was such a Singaporean thing to do; all thoroughly planned and unromantic, according to this timeline that was actually set by the government and based around HDB’s projects for the year.

Given the very unromantic timeline and progression of events, the proposal itself was actually great. I love treasure hunts, so my husband and our very good friends put me on a wild goose chase.

I thought I was going to win something at the end, but really, the prize was my soon-to-be-husband down on one bended knee, with a very nice ring in his hand. That was the best treasure hunt I had ever taken part in.” – Shila, 29