“I’ve always liked writing. Since I was a kid, poetry was a means of expressing myself. The fact that you can put your emotions on paper and have people relate to them; I think that’s something amazing.

Tonight is one of UN Women’s “16 Days of Activism”, and I’m here to show my support for this campaign that aspires to end violence against women. My friend from AWARE was actually invited, but since she couldn’t make it, I’m here in her place to recite some poetry.

I recited four original poems tonight, and I titled one of them “You’re Six and She’s Teaching You How to Ride a Bicycle”. It’s about my domestic helper whom I grew very close to. It recognises my privileged upbringing, and it talks about how oppressed she must have felt when she took care of us all those years, even if we were like family.

Yes, I do identify myself as a feminist. I’m part of a group called Sekaliwags in Singapore, and we occasionally do shows with a feminist or political slant to them. My definition of a feminist? Someone who believes in equality for all genders, and also someone who believes that all people should be liberated, especially women.

I wouldn’t say that my poems are specifically feminist, although they have been formed by feminist ideas. I think there’s definitely a place for in-your-face feminism, but it’s just not my style. I was never a confrontational person. I’m just aware of my own power. As long as I’m not hurting anyone, I can say what I want to say.” – Stephanie, 29

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