Word on the Street: Taufiq

“I started barbering when I was in secondary school. Back then, my discipline master was very strict about students having really short hair, so I picked up the comb and scissors and started from there. I also gave haircuts for $2 in camp during National Service.

Now, I’m a full-time barber and it’s my only source of income. Of course I had my doubts about whether I could survive financially doing this, but I felt fine after my parents gave me their blessings.

Besides, it’s important to do what you love. I read this story about Jim Carrey’s father once. He said that his father was one of the funniest people he knew, but he never took the chance to become a comedian.

I may be wrong, but if you can fail doing something that you don’t like, might as well do something that you actually do like. I don’t want to feel dead at 25 but only buried at 70.” – Taufiq, 23


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  1. Thanks for the inspiring post! Looking forward to more 😀


  2. Taufiq.. Now u can contribute back to yr sch by going back there to cut hair on hair check days. Contact yr sch now.

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