“2015 was an extremely challenging year for me because I changed jobs. My background is in communications, so to make that shift to a finance-related job meant a very steep learning curve.

There was a lot of processing that needed to be done, and I would spend hours just going through documents and asking questions; it was very tough for someone who wasn’t skilled or well-versed in finance work.

I would usually hang out with my friends and loved ones to destress and be happy. I don’t think I’m an angry person. Even if I feel misunderstood or someone did me injustice at work, I never really express it.

When you surround yourself with angry people, you hardly feel any positivity coming out from their anger. I don’t like hanging around angry people, and I guess that’s why I never want to stoop to their level and be like them.

I always remind myself of why I joined and what was the part of the job that attracted me to it in the first place. That helps put things into perspective.” – Tyris, 28