“I’m doing a four-year communications degree, and I’m just waiting for my internship to start after I’m done with my exchange programme in the UK. It will be my first time working for a big PR company.

Why PR? I guess it boils down to talking to and learning about people. I don’t want to do broadcast; it’s a sexist and extremely tiring industry and I don’t think I could keep up with it.

It’s quite scary to know that after graduation, working life is just about grinding all day, everyday. Ideally, I want to be doing my own thing obviously, like publishing a book, touring the world as a musician, making funny films, doing stand-up comedy and whatnot.

I used to busk when I was about 18 or 19, and my friend and I would do like four hours of straight singing in Sentosa or Clark Quay. We’d only get a few coins or like 20 bucks; it’s very tiring and lame. I saw the ugly side of how being motivated by money can really ruin your craft.

I think the trick with me is to not see my craft and hobbies as jobs. So, I’ll do it when I have the time because writing is just a release. I get to write or sing about anything I want and not be ashamed of what I’m confessing because it’s packaged as “art”; people have no choice but to listen and accept it (laughs).” Vivien, 21