“I started playing paintball in 2010. My colleagues and I went to JB for a paintball session, got hooked, and went on to pursue it at a competitive level. I’ve been participating in tournaments in Singapore and the Southeast Asian region for the past six years now.

Paintball World Cup Asia was a great experience. It took place in KL last month, so cost wasn’t really an issue; we just had to drive up for about four hours to the venue and then drive back to Singapore again.

Getting to compete with teams from Australia, the UK and other parts of the world taught us a lot. When we play with more experienced teams, we get to see how they move, how they communicate and how they coordinate. We can then assess ourselves and improve our game accordingly.

Why do I love paintball? Well, I’m from the camping industry, and in my line of work, I talk a lot about teamwork. Paintball is a team sport, so I get to actually practise what I preach. It’s also the adrenaline and intensity. Because of work, I only have time to workout on the weekends, so the physical requirements of this sport meet my needs.

I train for about four to five hours every Sunday. Red Dynasty is a great to train because the field here is well maintained. It’s an artificial turf, so you won’t have any problems of muddy fields if it rains. They also give us special rates so that we can train more and compete in tournaments.

My personal goal? I hope to push myself for another two more years and compete as much as I can in the highest division. As for the paintball scene in Singapore, I do feel that it’s growing, but we do need new blood coming in. Otherwise, the sport will drop after reaching its peak, so we need to bring in more people and continue to fuel it.” – Wayne, 28