Yafiq, 24 (Left): I’m the older twin by four minutes. Growing up, I never felt alone because Yais was always there for me to depend on. Maybe I’m just lucky; not all twins are close the way we are.

Yais, 24 (Right): I share his sentiments. I always feel like he’s there with me, even when we’re in different places. We’re best friends bonded by blood, and it wasn’t a relationship that we had to find; it was already there.

Yafiq: Are we telepathic? That’s a common question we always get. I don’t think so, although I did sense something was wrong once when we were still in National Service (NS). I called to check if he was fine; turns out he lost his 11B.

Yais: I was in the Military Police and it was my first time booking in, and I had this feeling of fear and dread because I just realised my 11B was missing. It’s funny that he called at that exact moment to check in on me.

Yafiq: After NS, we actually grew closer. NS wasn’t the first time that we were separated, but as you grow older, I guess your social circle grows smaller, and you tend to stick with the few people who matter to you the most.

Yais: We separated ways for the first time during our poly years. I studied business at Ngee Ann Poly, and Yafiq studied architecture at Singapore Poly, but that was fine because our schools were nearby. Now that I’m flying full-time, we don’t get to see each other as often.

Yafiq: We do miss each other, especially now that we’re so busy with work. I just registered my own business, and it takes up a lot of my time. We just had a talk about marriage the other day, and how things will be different once we lead separate lives.

Yais: Our cousins are also twins, so they’ve somewhat become our case study. Even though they’re married now, I don’t see how marriage life has kept them apart. They have added responsibilities now, but the four of us still hang out when we can.

Yafiq: I guess we can’t be 100 percent ready for it, and only time will tell how the dynamics will change. Till then, we will continue to enjoy life and embrace each moment as it comes. Who knows? We might even work together in the future.

Yais: We each have our own strengths and weaknesses, so we complement each other really well when we work together. With us, one plus one does not equate to two; it equates to 10. We’re just a drop by ourselves, but together, we’re an ocean.

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