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Enjoy these story submissions!

Laura Lee

The youth environmentalist in Singapore helps save the Earth one recycled toilet roll at a time.

Shaun Loh

The Founder of SAMA shares his motivations for battling gender inequality and being a male ally.

Cai Ting

Fighting for gender equality in the realm of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Bruce Yu Lepeng

ESpero co-founder raised $83,000 because he was inspired by Ukrainian refugee’s heartbreaking story.

Emily Yap

Nurse in Singapore founded Dunearn Youth to serve the elderly and vulnerable families.

Ng Chih Chung

An ex-offender shares his incredible journey of redemption and resilience with the help of Break the Cycle.

John Lim

Mental health author Talks About Overcoming Suicidal Thoughts After Failing to Become a Doctor