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Doing his part for minority representation and overcoming self-doubt in New York


“Growing up in Singapore, we’ve been taught from a very young age that we are a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society. Yet, the portrayal of this diversity in our media wasn’t reflecting well. It often fell short, reducing minority races to mere caricatures.”

A Singapore Story: Episode 2

Being in a wheelchair will not define her

Podcast: Deeper Conversation

Lucas Ho talks about his life as a playwright

Aspire to Inspire

Stories of the self-made entrepreneur


Not interested in portraying a picture-perfect life, the mother, wife and business owner talks about juggling it all.


From credit card debt to running a successful business, the entrepreneur talks about overcoming gambling addiction.


The former educator talks about inspiring girls to love tech and coding through The Lavender Spaceship Project.


The former athlete makes quality training accessible to all youths regardless of background through his academies.

Overcoming Adversity

Stories of mental health and resilience


Picking up the pieces after heartbreaking divorce by leaning on faith and boxing practice


The author talks about overcoming suicidal thoughts after failing to become a doctor


The once shy student talks about overcoming negative ITE stereotypes to pursue her dream of being a stage actor.


The actor celebrates the improvements in quality roles for racial minorities in Singapore.

Power of Youth

Inspiring Gen Z


Youth environmentalist in Singapore helps save the Earth one recycled toilet roll at a time.


The Founder of Aliwal Chess Club talks about how their community gatherings are never just about playing chess.


Student helped raised $83k because he was inspired by Ukrainian refugee's heartbreaking story.


Registered nurse founded Dunearn Youth to help serve the elderly and vulnerable families in Singapore.

Best Things to Do in Singapore

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Singapore in Pictures

Original essays and documentary photography