The long-awaited moment has finally arrived. With Singapore lowering its DORSCON level from orange to yellow (effective as of 26th April 2022, as reported by the Ministry of Health on 22nd April 2022), a wave of excitement can be felt pulsating through the Lion City.

Here, Manisha Dhalani has prepared a list of activities that will make up for all the fun that you missed out on because of COVID-19 restrictions. From heart-racing adventures to extreme sporting activities, these are suitable for the adrenaline junkie in you!

1. Bungee jump @ AJ Hackett Bungy Sentosa

Named after its Kiwi inventor, AJ Hackett provides a world of excitement with amazing attractions like the Skybridge (that’s a 40m see-through walkway), the Sunset Deck, the Vertical Skywalk, the Giant Swing, and of course, the 47m Bungy Jump. Yes, that’s a very, very long way down.

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2. Enjoy extreme sports @ AirdrozPark

If freestyle sports is what you live for, then check out AirdrozPark, Singapore’s first action sport training facility for BMX, aggressive inline-skating, mountain biking, skate scooting and skateboarding.

What makes AidrozPark truly stand out is its emphasis on safety. Its GRAVITYBAG airbag system helps newbies and advanced freestyle sports athletes cushion their landings and train safely. 

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3. Dive into a foam pit @ Amped Trampoline Park

At Amped Trampoline Park, inter-connected trampolines let you jump around and try some new moves. The venue also has great activities like the gladiator pit, slam dunk zone for basketball fans, dodgeball for kids, and a foam pit for adults to feel like children again.

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4. Bounce to fitness @ BBounce

BBounce is a rebounding and functional circuit specialist centre. If you’re new to the term, it’s essentially a hybrid workout that combines systemic cardio, aerobic, anaerobic, strength training and muscle sculpting – all on the trampoline and more.

What’s great about this place is that it offers classes for those of you who want to go easy on your fitness but have fun, and also caters to high intensity workout sessions for you health buffs!

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5. Ascend great heights @ Climb Central

If you’re new to adventure sports, then we highly recommend trying out the experiences that Climb Central has to offer.

Even with no climbing experience, the staff at any of its three locations are equipped to brief and guide you on the spot. Dust your shoulders and start climbing your way to great heights.

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6. Learn mixed martial arts @ Evolve

If you’ve reached the stage where doing jumping jacks at home no longer appeals to you, it’s time to bring out the big guns. And in this case, we’re referring to Evolve MMA – where health meets grit.

With multiple branches in Singapore, Evolve MMA offers a huge array of mixed martial arts classes that cater to both beginners who are turned off by exercise and advanced competitors alike, whether it’s Muay Thai, wrestling, kickboxing and even yoga for MMA!

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7. Ride a horse @ Gallop Stable

Why stick to the usual modes of transportation when you can enjoy riding a horse in today’s modern world? While the horses and ponies at Gallop Stable probably can’t leave their enclosure, you definitely can enjoy a fuss-free riding experience.

Heralded as one of the largest public riding centres in Singapore, Gallop Stable also offers riding lessons, pony and bunny feedings and other exciting events for kids and adults alike.

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8. Get thrown in the air @ GX-5 Extreme Swing

The GX-5 Extreme Swing is a daredevil’s dream come true. Walk down from Clarke Quay MRT and you’ll be able to witness this amazing feat in action – or even hear people scream before you actually see it.

Conceptualised in New Zealand, this extreme ride falls from 50m and reaches speeds of up to 120 kilometres per hour. That’s crazy fast. Give it a go if you think you can stomach this.

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9. Go into virtual reality @ HeadRock VR

One of Southeast Asia’s biggest virtual reality theme parks is found right here in Singapore’s backyard. At HeadRock VR, an attraction at Resorts World Sentosa, explore attractions through three different zones – blue, orange and green.

Fight zombies, raft across extremely strong currents, balance off the edge of high-rise buildings, and brace yourself against virtual storms and blizzards!

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10. Roller-skate @ Hi Roller

Think roller-skating is a thing of the 80s? Well think, again. Turn back the hands of time at Hi Roller, Singapore’s largest indoor roller-skating rink. The best part about this place is that it comes with disco lights and EDM tunes pumping in the background as you cruise around the ring.

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11. Indoor skydive @ iFly

Always wanted to try skydiving but can never gather the courage to do so? Just Google “skydiving Singapore” and the first thing that you’ll find is the option for indoor free fall.

What are we talking about? iFly – where you can experience the thrill of skydiving without any danger. Enjoy skydives inside a tunnel with wall-to-wall airflow and a unique technology, where the better you posture your body, the higher you soar. 

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12. Play dodgeball on a trampoline @ Katapult

At Katapult, you have so many trampoline-based activities to choose from. This includes jumping around any of the 30 interconnected trampolines at the Main Court, playing dodgeball with the element of flight, free falling, bag jumping, slam dunking and wall running.

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13. Learn boxing @ Legends Fight Sport

Looking to participate in something absolutely – wait for it – legendary? Head over to Clarke Quay to check out Legends Fight Sport, a boxing gym that’s a notch different than the rest.

At Legends, you can enjoy the sweet science in its truest form and pick up techniques that truly matter to the sport. The gym was also co-founded by Singapore’s top pro boxer Muhamad Ridhwan and is a popular training ground for other top local boxers so you know you’re in great company.

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14. Zip line @ Mega Adventure

Mega Adventure at Sentosa is a world full of fun activities that will leave your heart racing and adrenaline pumping.

There’s the MegaZip – a 75 metre high zip line, MegaClimb – Singapore’s premiere high ropes adventure course, MegaJump – a thrilling 15-meter drop that replicates a free-fall parachute jump, and MegaBounce – a kid-friendly dynamic bungee assisted by trampolines.

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15. Jet pack @ Ola Beach Club

Say goodbye to the run-off-the-mill sport activities and ola to watersports options that are packed with fun and excitement.

At Ola Beach Club, you can try out their outdoor activities such as jet-packing, banana boating, kayaking and even stand-up paddle-boarding. Or simply sit on a donut that’s pulled by a speedboat to soak in the beach life! 

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16. Shoot paint bullets @ Red Dynasty Paintball Park

Singapore’s first paintball park has retained its glory by continuously hosting amazing paintball activities that has provided unforgettable experiences to families and teams from all walks of life.

Equip yourself with quick-thinking skills to ensure that your opponents don’t get ahead of you and win. Think of it as a role-playing video game in live action! 

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17. Experience F1 @ The Singapore Grand Prix

Held at the Marina Bay Street Circuit, the Singapore Grand Prix is a weekend-long affair that takes place every year.

It not only boasts the coming together of the best Formula One drivers, but also a lineup of the world’s most popular performers and singers. With fast cars and renowned singers, the Grand Prix is sure to get you excited and all ready to party!

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18. Wakeboard @ Singapore Wake Park

Calling all wakeboarding and cable-skiing enthusiast. The Singapore Wake Park offers the best of both watersport worlds and caters to the outdoor lover in you.

With straight line systems that are suitable for both beginners and advanced wakeboarders, you’re sure to feel safe while enjoying the sport, The Wake Park is also a great place to pit stop if you’re cycling or skating along East Coast Park.

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19. SuperPark

40,000 square feet of fun awaits at SuperPark. Featuring a game arena, adventure area and a freestyle hall, there is a myriad of activities that you can sink your teeth into here, from skating at the indoor skate park to racing at the pedal car track.

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20. Break stuff @ The Fragment Room

We don’t remember who said it but apparently breaking stuff is really good anger and stress management therapy.

That is why the people behind The Fragment Room conceptualised this rage room where you can release your inner frustrations.

Smash plates, glasses, vases, electronic appliance – you name it – all in the name of instant gratification and making yourself feel much, much better.

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21. Speed skate @ The Rink

A bit of a speed junkie? If you already know how to skate on the ice and feel like you want to kick it up a notch, The Rink offers various levels of speed skating classes that caters to both kids and adults.

If you’re determined to clear all the levels, you might even be able to compete in the speed skating arena.

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22. Be an F1 driver through the Ultimate Drive

Want to experience the thrill of driving on the Singapore Grand Prix circuit? Hop on into a Ferrari F430 F1 Spider, McLaren MP4-12C, or even the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder and zoom across the street circuit.

Whether you choose to drive or be driven, feel what professional race car drivers feel when they compete through this ultimate driving experience.

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23. Go on a rollercoaster @ Universal Studios Singapore

If you’re a thrill seeker who wants crazy rollercoasters and exciting theme park rides that’ll turn you upside down, head over to USS.

From the Battlestar Galactica rollercoaster, the ultimate 3D battle with the Transformers, the gravity-defying Revenge of the Mummy™ rollercoaster, and the Jurassic Park adventures, you’re sure to get that adrenaline rush you desire.

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24. Surf @ Wave House Sentosa

Where Singapore shores lack the giant waves surfers crave for, Wave House Sentosa makes up for this with their amazing surfing options.

If you’re new to the exhilarating world of surfing, then try the Double FlowRider® – an endless sheet of gently flowing waves. Experienced surfers can head over to the FlowBarrel® section for non-stop barrelling waves for the ultimate flowboarding experience.

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25. Zorb @ ZOVB

Zorbing – have you heard of it? If you haven’t, head over to ZOVB Singapore to experience the full lineup of zorbing activities that you can do.

There’s the Land ZOVB – where you can experience gravity-defying rides inside a ball, the Water ZOVB – which makes you feel like you’re walking or rolling in water, and the BLOOP – which is essentially a way to play games in a bubble suit!

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