“I started learning golf when I was five. My father and older brothers would go to the golf club to play, so naturally I just followed. I really started developing my own interest and passion for it when I was seven or eight. I joined my first mini competition and got hooked.  

The competition aspect is definitely something I enjoy. Golf is a true test of skills, physically and mentally. It’s so easy to get ahead of yourself when you’re out there for four hours, so you have to stay in the present and be in control of your emotions.

I also enjoy the social side to golf. It’s really a sport that a 50-year-old can play with a 15-year-old. Through golf, I’ve got to personally meet and connect with so many people from different age groups and backgrounds.

Highlight? I think winning the Singapore Open Amateur Championship a few weeks ago. I won in 2015, and winning it the second time feels really special. Looking back on these past two years, I really started playing much better after missing out on the 2015 SEA Games.  

I was quite down back then. A part of me always wanted to study overseas and experience living abroad, but I stayed in Singapore to give myself the best opportunity to play for myself and my country. When I didn’t qualify in 2015, I started to wonder if it was all worth it.

It was tough, but my coaches and mentors reminded me that there were other major competitions to look forward to. It was really about letting go and moving on, and today I’m very thankful for that experience because I matured a lot from it.

I’ve been working with a sports psychologist these past few months and I’m currently in the best state of mind. I’ve always had a fear of failure, but the psychologist has helped me be more aware of my thoughts. Now, I just focus on things that are within my control.

Yes, I do see the upcoming SEA Games as a chance to redeem myself. It’s probably going to be my last SEA Games because I plan to turn pro next year, so I hope to end things off on a high. I’m definitely aiming for gold in both my individual and team events.

To the people who have helped me in my journey, I just want to thank them for their support. Be rest assured that my teammates and I are giving the best we have and we’re not leaving anything out there.” – Gregory Foo, 24

Interview by: Arman Shah