Tell anyone anywhere in the world that you’re from Singapore and there’s a pretty good chance that their response will be something to this effect: “You have an amazing airport!”

Changi Airport’s seven consecutive Skytrax awards for being the best airport in the world lend credence to that claim, but anyone who’s ever landed there will know that its greatness doesn’t come from passenger numbers or trophies.

It’s that feeling you get when you disembark from your aircraft; a warm welcome home, or an enthusiastic introduction. It’s always been a place that has simply exuded joy and a little bit of wonder, and with the opening of Jewel Changi Airport, that trickle has turned into a torrent.

Even the most cynical of souls has to feel a sense of awe when they step inside Jewel – the ridicule of the queues outside A&W and Shake Shack and the head-shaking at the ability of Singaporeans and the Singaporean media to lose their minds over what they dismissed as a glorified mall quickly forgotten.

Jewel is, after all, a place for everyone; you don’t have to spend a dollar to be there (though there are many ways to leave with a lighter wallet). Wherever you’ve come from and wherever you’re going to, there’s a place for you before the might of the Rain Vortex.

Photography: Kurt Ganapathy

Curation: Arman Shah

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