Running out of creative ideas to keep yourself entertained at home? Manisha Dhalani compiles some pretty interesting ideas for you to do while you stay safe this COVID-19 season.

COVID-19 has changed the way we live. Whether you’re a student or nine-to-fiver, staying home is now an enforced way of life that’s further facilitated by home-based learning and work-from-home options.

Our homes have become our office, our schools, our livelihood and our place for recreational fun. If you’re finding it difficult to find new things to engage in apart from a Netflix marathon, here are a few options for you while you patiently wait for this circuit breaker to end.

1. Get creative with a home photoshoot

Want to up your Instagram game with some snazzy photos? Try these six home photoshoot ideas by Daniel Inskeep and Rachel Gulotta, the duo behind Mango Street, a highly popular photography tutorial channel on YouTube. Whip up your cameras – or just use your phone – and go crazy playing around with different styles.

2. Train like a boxer

If you want to mix up your home workout, try training the way boxers do. One of our favourite Instagram accounts to follow is Legends Fight Sport where professional boxing champion Muhamad Ridhwan and his fellow coaches come up with new boxing circuits for you to try.

3. Attempt the David Goggins Challenge

So this isn’t technically a home-based activity, but you can’t deny there’s been a surge of joggers since the start of circuit breaker. But why just jog around the block? How about taking the grandfather of all running challenges instead? The David Goggins Challenge, where you run about 6. 4km every 4 hours for 48 hours, is perfect for you fitness freaks.

4. Party with your favourite DJ

Concert goers, dance lovers, party people – hear, hear! If you’ve been missing out on parties, or if you just want to dance the night away, you can now attend live DJ sets of favourite DJs virtually. From Calvin Harris and Hardwell to Disclosure and DJ Nyk, stay in touch with your favourite musicians and feel pumped up even though you’re stuck at home.

5. Get your dancing shoes out

Some of us are not club-goers, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love dancing like monkeys in our private space. Instead of listening to your regular playlist, try Bollywood music routine from BollyX, or follow your favourite local DJ on social media and tune in to their live sets or podcasts.

6. Get lost in a good book

Don’t have a shelf full of books? No problem. There are options that the National Library Board has come up with where you can loan e-books from your gadgets at home.

Even better, there are still so many Singapore bookstores such as BooksActually, The Moon and Thryft that have delivery options. Ethos has also made your books available in digital format for free, while waiting for the paperback to be delivered in the mail.

7. Let celebrities tell you a bedtime story

Here’s something that has become somewhat of a trend across the world – celebrities reading a bedtime story. Sure, you can argue this is for kids only, but we know you’re sheepishly smiling at the thought of the likes of Tom Hardy reading to you. The good news is, there are also bedtime stories for adults by actors like Jennifer Garner

8. Host a fun games night

Ever since countries across the world have gone into lockdown, virtual meeting apps have come up with so many games to keep everyone entertained. With virtual Bingo and Cards Against Humanity and games on Houseparty and Kahoot, you’re spoilt for choice.

9. Learn a new language for future travels 

Instead of being a couch potato, why not try learning a new language? It might even help you in your future travel plans – imagine going to Spain and speaking Spanish – what a new experience that would be. Use Duolingo and Babbel to get you started.

10. Make delightful Dalgona coffee

Everyone’s talking about Dalgona coffee – have you tried it yet? A delightful beverage made with equal proportions of instant coffee powder, sugar, and hot water, it is creamy, delicious and easy to do. Best part? It’s photogenic enough for the Gram, so start whipping and start snapping.

11. Become your own MasterChef

Everyone seems to be cooking, baking and putting up amazing dishes these days. But why stop there? Learn even more from celebrity chefs like Antoni Porowski who has started a series on Instagram called Quar Eye, or check out Fluff Bakery which does IG Live baking classes.

12. Explore US National Parks from your couch

Take a tour of some of the most popular national parks in America – all from the comforts of your own home. From Alaska to Florida, you’ll get a local ranger guiding you through the virtual tours, with up-close footages to make the experience even more real for you. For more info click here.

13. Tour famous destinations from home 

Missing travel a little too much? You can tour famous destinations from across the world with Google Earth VR that helps give you a 360 degree view of these popular tourist spots. Don’t feel like going too far? You can even revisit some of your favourite places in Singapore on AirPano.

14. Visit museums around the world

With Google Arts & Culture, you can view famous collections from museums in the United States, Europe and even South America. These tours give you great insight into different heritages from across the world, all from the comforts of your own couch. But if you love your local museums, visit the Singapore Tourism board to see their offerings.

15. Get lost in space

Fed up with worldly news and wish you were millions of miles away? Now you can be, with virtual reality tours of space on BBC Home – A VR Spacewalk. Take a “walk” across Earth’s surface – but this time in space – or tour Mars instead. Great for kids and adults alike.

16. Express your creativity and artistry

Always wanted to explore photography, painting or other forms of art? Hone your creative skills (doesn’t matter what your capability is) with Art Night Singapore’s Weekly Challenge.

Follow their Instagram or Facebook page for weekly themes. Let your creativity flow and submit your own interpretation of the theme by tagging your creative production to their social media accounts.

17. Catch art performances

Through Globe Player, you can catch some popular stage performances that you’ve never had the chance to see before, from comedic renditions like A Midsummer’s Night Dream to plays by Shakespeare. You can even tune into BroadwayHD to stream classic shows and musicals like Cats, Peter Pan and Romeo & Juliet.

18. Upgrade your skill sets

There are endless resources to learn new things online, from learning how to knit on YouTube to taking up virtual guitar lessons on Fender Play. To top it off, even prestigious institutions like Harvard and Yale have decided to offer courses online in so many different subject areas. If you’re looking for short courses, try lessons on Udemy and Coursera.

19. Play Animal Crossing at Sentosa

Missing the beach? You can now experience the sun and the sea virtually – thanks to a collaboration between Sentosa and creative agency BBH.

Sentosa Crossing is a digital version of Singapore’s island paradise via the currently trending Animal Crossing game available on Nintendo Switch. To enjoy this virtual experience, register for one of the 36 free 30-minute slots that are open each day.

20. Get in touch with your spiritual side

Sometimes we just need a bit of quiet in our physical as well as mental space. A quick search for #MuseumMomentsOfZen will lead you to dozens of relaxing exhibits that will keep you calm and entertained.

Follow popular yoga instructions or spiritual gurus, pick up a tarot card reading session or just spare some time to meditate to some soothing music.

Written by: Manisha Dhalani

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