New Music from Singapore: Review of “Luna” by Fym Summer

Local singer-songwriter Fym Summer is back with her sophomore EP, and we’re only too happy to plug in our earphones to bring you this review.

Released on 13th March 2017, Fym Summer‘s brand new five-track EP is a collection of reflective songs performed in her signature breezy acoustic style. Titled Luna, which means “Moon” in Latin, it is reminiscent of a moodier, 90s Jewel Kilcher. (Feature image credit: KC.zmall)

Photo by National Arts Council

This relatively low-tempo EP does not sound overly produced. There’s an organic quality about it as we get to hear Fym’s mezzo vocals, without the interference of technological enhancements like reverbs and autotune.

Backing vocals and additional instruments are introduced to the tracks subtly and only at specific points. It feels earthy because it is simple yet ethereal due to Fym’s achingly-haunting vocal delivery.

Fym’s narrative style is unique and intriguing. It almost seems like she penned down poetry first and then fashioned a delicate arrangement to envelope her lyrics with. A strong thread of self-awareness and resilience runs through the centre of the EP, holding this intimate tapestry of songs together.

Fym manages to conjure up vivid imagery in the minds of her listeners. Consider this line from Me, the first song on the EP: “Perhaps I am waiting painting as I am dancing to the pouring lyrics from my skies”.

It appears to be an honest revelation of the narrator’s own insecurities about her art and role as an artist. The song draws the listener in with its calming rhythmic strumming and, for a moment, makes us wonder if we are being true to our own callings.

With the constant and gentle twang of an electric guitar melting over the background, second track This Girl sounds characteristically different from the rest of the songs. The emotive song of heartbreak and unrequited love is probably the most compelling track amongst the five.

The jangly guitar opening of Silly is a reminder of folksy love songs many of us must have grown up with. The optimistic and last song in the EP is about finding an unconditional love. The track feels like the perfect happy ending to this journey of learning and growing pains that Fym brings us through.

The song also metaphorically alludes to the title of the EP in its last stanza, bringing us full circle: “You say I am the moon, but I’m just a star, one in a million, but so insignificant”.

Fym’s music and writing has evolved since 2015, the year she released her autobiographical first EP Heart, and was selected for NOISE Singapore’s mentorship programme.

The subjects of her songs continue to be both personal and relatable, but she has grown in musicality and depth. Luna did a little more than just tug on our heartstrings, and we’re sure it will have the same effect on you.

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  1. Hi Shila. I play and sing in the band Morpheus Dream (conceived in 1994 from the ashes of the 80s cult band Breaking Glass).

    We’ve released our latest album, Other Stories, recently and are hoping if you’d be so kind as to review it.

    Please let me know what format you’d like me to send the album to you in. You can contact me any time either at this email address or my mobile 96850425.

    Hope to speak with you soon. Thanks very much for your time.


    Prakash Krishnan

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