Category: People of the Arts

Art is a medium that transcends geographical barriers. It unites nations separated by land and sea and strengthens bilateral ties in ways that complement political efforts.

In celebration of the universality of art, The Everyday People has partnered up with KunstLAH! an initiative of the Singapore Embassy in Berlin, to bring you People of the Arts: Stories from Singapore to Germany.

In this special 5-part series, we showcase 5 different artists across different disciplines in Singapore. These vignettes delve into their motivations, inspirations and coping mechanisms in the dawn of COVID-19 and a global pandemic. We hope you enjoy these special stories.

ZERO: Using Street Art as a Platform for Change

The Singaporean artist who does graffiti, street art and murals talks about the hidden meaning behind his works and being an agent of change.

Darren Soh: Singaporean Photographer Shares His Passion for Documenting Old Buildings Before They’re Gone Forever

The architectural photographer shares his thoughts on Singapore’s ever-changing urban landscape, the importance of conservation, his photo book that celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Housing Development Board and his exhibition in Berlin. 

Anthony Chen: The Singaporean Filmmaker on Never Selling Out and Overcoming an Existential Crisis During the Pandemic

Renowned for films like “Ilo Ilo” and “Wet Season”, Anthony Chen talks why he can and only will tell stories that are personal to him. 

Weish: The Singaporean Musician, Composer and Writer on Finding Her Voice Amidst a Pandemic

In Part 1 of ‘People of the Arts: Stories from Singapore to Germany’, Weish talks about finding her voice through theatre in these dire times.