The Singaporean artist who does graffiti, street art and murals talks about the hidden meaning behind his works and being an agent of change.

Street art has come a long way in Singapore. Dismissed as an act of vandalism, it slowly but surely earned its respect as a legitimate artistic discipline. And at the forefront of changing the narrative – alongside other pioneering street artists – is ZERO.

In 2003, ZERO started RSCLS (pronounced as ‘rascals’) with his peers to rally like-minded creatives and push street art to the next level. With power in numbers, they’ve tackled group commissions and made the pursuit of art financially-sustainable.

Here, he talks about The Escape Artist, the mural he did for Kampong Glam as part of the Hall of Fame exhibition. He also discusses how COVID-19 has impacted all of us and the importance of street art as a platform for change.

This is the last of a five-part interview series, People of the Arts: Stories from Singapore to Germany. It’s presented in partnership with KunstLAH!, an initiative by the Singapore Embassy in Berlin.

Interviewer/Producer: Arman Shah
🎥 Filmmaker: Naufal Azman