Arman Shah spends an entire morning exploring the iconic hilltop park on River Valley Road to learn its history and capture its beauty on camera.

Picturesque, expansive and historical – that’s how one would describe Fort Canning Park. Once home to 14th century kings and the British Army Barracks, this iconic park also witnessed Singapore’s surrender to the Japanese during World War II.

Today, the hilltop landmark serves as a public park. It features nine historical gardens: Jubilee Park, Pancur Larangan (Forbidden Spring), Artisan’s Garden, Sang Nila Utama Garden, Raffles Garden, First Botanic Garden, Farquhar Garden, Spice Garden and Armenian Street Park.

Covering 18 hectares of land, this seemingly endless park comes with meandering lawns, ancient artefacts and lush greenery. It attracts streams of visitors everyday, all of whom are there to enjoy picnics, do photo shoots or simply enjoy time in nature and bask in the sun.

Photography and copy by Arman Shah


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