Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, nothing stirs up excitement quite like the thought of visiting Sentosa here in Singapore.

Also known as The State of Fun, it’s home to a collection of themed attractions, luxury hotels and sandy beaches that draw huge crowds every year. Here, we narrow down 10 activities we know you’ll enjoy at the resort island.

Get wet @ Adventure Cove Waterpark

Fancy catching a swell at the giant wave pool or going down spiralling waterslides at heart-pumping speeds? The Adventure Cove Waterpark has everything you could ever hope for in a water theme park.

You can even snorkel over a rainbow reef alongside thousands of enchanting marine creatures; just watch out for those sharks!

Defy gravity @ iFly Singapore

If you’ve always wanted to skydive but are too afraid of heights, experience the same adrenaline rush in a less daunting environment at iFly Singapore.

Home to the world’s largest themed wind tunnel – it’s about five storeys high – it lets you enjoy indoor skydiving and execute all kinds of graceful mid-air movements. Time to spread those wings and fly.

Zip-line @ Mega Adventure Park

Thrill seekers will have a blast at Mega Adventure Park. From a height of 75 metres, you can zip-line at 60kph over the lush jungle canopy of Imbiah Hill down to Siloso Beach.

If you’re looking to push yourself even further, head over to MegaClimb. There, the Eucalyptus trees offer a high ropes adventure course that will make you confront your fear of heights.

Jetpack @ Ola Beach Club

Dubbed Singapore’s “most comprehensive watersports centre”, the Hawaiian-inspired Ola Beach Club offers a delightful array of activities like stand-up paddling, kayaking and – arguably the coolest of them all – jetpacking.

Through the use of controlled water pressure, your jetpack elevates you 30 feet up in the air. You just gotta love technology.

Learn about marine life @ S.E.A Aquarium

Admit it; ever since you watched Finding Nemo, you’ve wanted to be fish. While we can’t exactly make that wish come true, we can recommend you check out the S.E.A Aquarium.

Home to over 100,000 marine creatures, it is an enchanting place to be educated about life under the sea. Be sure to bring a good camera phone because you’ll want to take pictures.

Zoom down the tracks @ Skyline Luge Sentosa

Speed is the name of the game at Skyline Luge Sentosa. A one-of-a-kind wheeled gravity ride, it lets you descend a thrilling track that twists and turns, so steady control of your vehicle is necessary.

If the idea of a friendly race with friends is too intense for you, consider getting on the four-seater chairlift at Skyride and enjoy a lovely view of the city skyline.

Surf @ Wave House Sentosa

If you thought Singapore doesn’t boast spectacular waves, think again. Hop on your board and experience the thrill of The FlowBarrel at Wave House Sentosa.

This brilliant invention “pumps water at a high speed over stationary curved walls to generate barreling and smooth waves.” In other words, enjoy the manwade waves, and try not to get wiped out.

Enjoy optical illusions @ Trick Eye Museum Singapore

They say seeing is believing, but what if everything is just an optical illusion? Originating in Korea, the Trick Eye Museum uses Augmented Reality Technology to create delightful installations that will tease your eyes and mind.

By the time you’re done here, you can show your friends pictures of you riding an elephant’s trunk or even being eaten by a sea monster.

Meet your celebrity crush @ Madame Tussauds

Let’s be completely real. Unless you’re living within the Hollywood circle, your chances of bumping into Beyoncé or Brad Pitt at the Cold Storage near you are slim to none.

At Madame Tussauds, however, you can take all the selfies you want with your celebrity crush, even if they’re just models made of wax.

Relive your childhood @ Universal Studios Singapore

Nestled within Resorts World Sentosa, Universal Studios Singapore is where childhood fantasies come to life. This theme park offers 24 thrilling rides, shows and performances across its seven themed zones.

Whether you’re dancing with the guys from Sesame Street or screaming your lungs out on the rollercoaster, you’re guaranteed a good time.

Be sure to download the Sentosa app here.

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