Kurt Ganapathy wades through a sea of red (with a few waves of lilywhite) in Boat Quay on a historic night in the UCL.

For the first time in more than a decade, and only the second time ever, the UEFA Champions League final would see two English teams face off for one of the biggest prizes in football.

Liverpool returned after their heartbreak against Real Madrid 12 months earlier in pursuit of their sixth title, while Tottenham Hotspur made their debut in the tournament decider.

In Singapore, where our passion for the English game rivals that of any Londoner, Mancunian or Scouser, this ensured that sports bars still open at 3am would be packed to the brim come the night of the final.

The match probably won’t be remembered as a classic, with the Reds coming out on top 2-0 with goals near the start and end of the 90, but you try telling that to the fans who sang “You’ll Never Walk Alone” long into the rainy Sunday morning.

Photography: Kurt Ganapathy

Curation: Arman Shah

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